Thursday, April 2, 2009

Rat Lovers Reflection

We have worked together on this project as a team. We're really proud of ourselves. As a team we asked questions, we have researched on the internet, we have discussed together, we have been thinking creatively, and we have reflected. We have finished our playground and we are really looking forward to the rats enjoying our playground.

By Shweta C, Rebecca, Alex, Karen and Kristine.


  1. Nice Playground!!!
    looks really neat.

  2. You have a cool playground I think the rats would like it well I think all of them are good but I like yours the most

  3. Hello!
    This is a very creative playground you made for the rats.
    It is also aesthetically pleasing.
    Good job! WELL DONE!
    Kasanita's dad Paul

  4. good playground rat lovers
    the rats had fun in it

  5. awesome play ground rat lovers


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