Monday, February 22, 2010

Super Stars Team Blog

We are called Super Stars
There are four people in our group
Our members are
  • Kiu
  • AJ
  • Sharnika
  • Akansha
People from around the world: parents, teachers, students, principals.


  1. Super Stars must be real super stars!

  2. alsome name super stars

  3. Nice work i also love the colour!

  4. Good work! But too bright.

  5. you guys must be real SUPER STARS!!!!!!

  6. I liked how you used bullet points to list your team names. I thought the text colour was hard to read though.

  7. Congratulations are blogging to the world. Have a look at your last sentence again, I think that it could make better sense. What will you blog next?

  8. Hey Super Stars do you have stars to prove your an star.Thats a cool name .Why did you name youself Super Stars.I love your colour. Post more work and you guys seem nice.Why don't you post pictures of yourselfs so we know how you look like.I wish I could be a Super Star.

  9. Hi Super Stars
    Enjoy your super star life.(ha ha ha.)

  10. Hi Super Stars may you all ways shine bright.
    Keep up the good work.

  11. Cool name, yes you are all superstars enjoy your blog site and the interaction with people all around the world.


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