Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blogger of the Week

My Marble Track

Last week, Room 17 were making marble tracks (so is the whole Middle Syndicate) , we still are. I made a marble track with Rebecca and ours is called 'HORROR TRACK' because it is always falling apart and because of the black paint it has and the dull colours.

In our topic, we are talking to a class in the USA. They are kids from Sportsville, Virginia. There school is called Ni River Middle School. They are year 7 students as well. We have sent them letters so they will know a little bit about us. Now we are doing projects in groups about New Zealand, the flag, native birds and the National Anthem and many more. I am in the native birds group and we are writing about the New Zealand native bird, which is the kiwi, we are going to use powerpoint to do it.

For reading, we were studying about snow and hail and how it is formed. I am doing How Hail is Formed. Hail is kind of like snow because it goes up and down in the the clouds becase wind pushes it back up because it is so light, but when it gets heavy enough to drop down from the sky to the ground then it drops and that is how hail is formed.

In maths we are learning about place value and number line.


  1. What I find most fascinating about hail is how big and heavy it can get. Imagine how strong the wind must be to push up the ice to keep it airborne long enough to get that big!

    Sounds like you had a great time working with the marble track. Finding creative ways to solve the problems your track has is an excellent mental excercise. You learned a lot because you had those troubles!

    Mr. C

    BTW Congratulations on being Blogger of the Week!

  2. Your marble track activity sounds stimulating. What are you learning from it? Have you figured out why your track keeps falling apart?

    That is really cool that you are communicating with a class here in the U.S. Are you learning a lot of differences between your life and theirs?

  3. Hey there from Las Vegas, Nevada USA! Nice blog post. Your class is quite busy learning about so many different concepts, like the Kiwi. Are these birds local to your area? Do people have them as pets? I've never seen one in person. I have seen an American eagle in the wild. That was pretty keen. Keep blogging! Dr. G


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