Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Taniwha Art

We are exploring Taniwha as the subject for our art unit this term. We started with a story read by Mr Wood, "The Forgotten Taniwha". In groups we explored some readings on taniwha and put the interesting information we found on stickies on the whiteboard to represent the scales of a taniwha. Each of us told the class what we had found. We then drew different features of taniwha afters researching a range of images. Lastly we drew a pencil sketch of a taniwha. Next week we will explore crayon and dye techniques when drawing our taniwha.

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  1. hello Mr.Wood im in Mr.miller's class from America good job on this bye

  2. hey i loved your is awsome.i really like from room25 online

  3. Kia Ora!

    I really enjoyed watching your video about the taniwha art. What a creative idea! I'm sure you will have a lot of fun. In my class this term we are making collages of kiwiana items.

    Love from Miss Venturi, Yendarra School


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