Thursday, June 11, 2009

Matariki Tree Planting

Today we had a Matariki ceremony with the whole school. Matariki celebrates the Maori new year and is a symbol for new beginnings. Some of the Team 17 children were at school at 5:30am for a dawn ceremony. After the ceremony each class planted a New Zealand native tree. Team 17 planted a 'Dodonea Viscosa' or 'Ake Ake'.
First we dug a hole for our tree. When we dug up the soil we found lots of earthworms, some small and some BIG. Some of the boys chased the girls with worms, but then we talked about how important worms are for soil. This shows we have healthy soil. Next we put the tree into the hole and then pushed in the soil around it. We made sure to push the soil down tightly.
Lastly one of the Westpac managers who were visiting took our team photo around our tree.

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