Friday, February 27, 2009

Beach Haiku

Cloudy picnic day
People having fun all day
Building sandcastles
by SC

Never say hello
If you really mean goodbye
Don't say I love you
by NN

Pools jumping around
Jumping up and down nicely
by DW and MR

Windy cloudy day
People swimming happily
Making sand castles
by RC

Diving is so fun
Swimming is fun at the beach
There were lots of shells
by LM

Diving in the sea
Coming out cold and wet wary
And finally out
by CT

Windy picnic day
As Team 17 enjoys it
All day in the sun
by AB

Big huge splashing waves
If you never start to plan
Never look into my eyes
by KM

Going on the bus
Building sandcastles with friends
Swimming and jumping
by JK

The sea is so blue
While the shells sit on the sand
Building sand castles
by KW

Freezing picnic day
Finding shells and having fun
Making sand castles
by KG

Waves high in the sky
Waves going up and going down
Waves down in the sky
by LS

Sandflys flying round
Banging up banging down. Fly
When the're killed they lie
by BT

The beach is so fun
Its cold, wet and really wavy
Going back to school
by PN

Swimming in the sea
Playing with seashell and sand
Playing in the sun
by DG

Swim in the ocean
The seashells are so pretty
Freezing picnic day
by CG

The fuss on the bus
Talking children scream and shout
No one can stop them
by KP

The sun is shining
Kids swim, splash and play with sand
Sea shells flying up high
by LC

Nice day for picnic
Diving in the open sea
Seashells we can sea
by SK

We went to the beach
We were playing touch rugby
The sea was too rough
by MM

Haiku's written by Team 17.


  1. Dear Room 17 students

    WOW! I am so excited to see that you are using a Blog at school and that Mr. Wood is putting your work up for the world to see.

    On the day of the School Picnic I saw two Haiku's written in the sand and enjoyed reading them. I have put one in the school newsletter because it was absolutely fantastic to see your class using what you had learned at school at the beach.

    Awesome work, I look forward to watching your Blog develop over time. (PS this is the first time I have blogged, so thank you!)

    Mr. Linington

  2. Hello Mr Wood. This is my first time as well on blogger because I keep forgetting the URL.

    I really like our Haiku's that we wrote in the sand.

    I look forward to the other things you blog.

    We should put star of the day on the blog.

    I look forward to look at the rest of the things you put on the blog.


  3. I think Natalia is right we should put Star of the Week on our blog and say why they earnt Star of the Week.

    And maybe put a picture of them.
    Our blog looks great.

  4. My one is the 2nd to last.



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